Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have you considered becoming a Unity Temple Prayer Chaplain?

If so, you are invited to prayerfully consider becoming part of our chaplain team. It is a unique service that differs from other volunteer opportunities in terms of the commitment level and responsibilities. Not only do you serve the membership of our congregation; you will embark on a deeply personal spiritual journey.

Unity Temple Prayer Chaplains:
Create and hold sacred spiritual space with others. Lovingly listen to what is heard. Agree to maintain the strictest of confidence. Pray with members of our congregation and others that may seek a connection with God.

Chaplains serve in a number of ways:
Praying with congregants before and after each church service. Making monthly prayer and wellness telephone contact with congregants. Make hospital, nursing home and home visits as requested.

The process of becoming a Prayer Chaplain:
All new and returning chaplains must attend one of (2) scheduled orientation meetings. Agree to attend all prayer chaplain training sessions. Be willing to sign a commitment form indicating the intention to serve for one 12-month period, agreeing to attend scheduled monthly meeting sand an annual mid-year retreat.

Are you ready to take a leap of faith? to answer the call, contact Ron McCorkle, Chaplain Training Coordinator at 816-561-4466 X104 or ron@unitytemple.com.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Have you ever wondered, just what it means to be a chaplain? To every individual, that becomes a chaplain, it is a unique experience and becomes a personal Spiritual expression, each one different from another’s. The overall experience and the rewards that come to one that answers the call are unlimited.

What a chaplain does is this: Above all else, they center and establish a space for the presence of Sacredness. Next, the chaplain lovingly listens to the situation that is presented, without blame, shame or judgment. Once this is done, then chaplain then begins to pray. It is during the prayer, that the chaplain once trained, is able to identify the truth of the situation, based on what has been heard, and connects with the sacred idea of Truth and the Mind of God. After the prayer has been completed, the chaplain then holds in the strictest of confidence what has been shared and prayed about. Those seeking the prayer services from the chaplain can be assured that their situation will never be revealed to anyone or even spoken about to them unless they specifically desire to share the results of their manifestation of demonstration.

These are just the basics of the duties of a chaplain. Being a chaplain is so much more. It is not only being there in times of crisis or sorrow, but also being there to share in the joy of thanksgiving and gratefulness. It is nurturing and assisting with an individual’s spiritual healing, leading to emotional inner peace. And, it is above all, being available to hold the “high watch”, on behalf of those for whom they have prayed.

Being a chaplain is oftentimes doing something for others when they are not able to do it for themselves. When we are faced with a personal concern, we are often in a place of being too close to the surrounding circumstances to be able to see through to the truth and reality of the situation with clarity. A chaplain is trained to be able to see through and to know the Truth for those seeking prayer services.

After seeking the services from a chaplain, how much more easy could it be to simply, let go, let a chaplain pray for you, then allowing God to do it’s Right and Perfect work through you? Once the prayer work is done, it is released to Universal Law, and then, it is up to those receiving prayer, to affirm their Oneness with God, and expect with joyful anticipation positive results multiplied abundantly.

Chaplains also make monthly “wellness” phone calls to members of our congregation desiring this service. It is another opportunity to connect with those in need, and oftentimes the day that the call is made, it is in Divine Order that the call was made at just the right time. Chaplains are also available to make hospital visits on request, and do this frequently.

You are invited, to consider becoming a part of our Unity Temple Chaplain Team. If you would like more information, please pick up a flyer in the entry reception area, or stop by Meyer Hall and speak with a chaplain following Sunday service. You may also contact Margaret Garcia (816) 942-2012 or Ron McCorkle, (816) 582-6533

If you decide to take the step, towards becoming a chaplain, there will be two informational meetings scheduled to better acquaint you with the process. These meetings will be held on Sundays following services, April 26 and May 3, 2009. This is the time to ask any questions regarding making the one year commitment of being a Unity Temple Chaplain.

Are YOU ready to answer the call?!